Why Refind Search?

How We Operate Differently

Over the years, we have developed our own methods and processes to recruit candidates, gain new clients, and grow business with existing clients. Having worked for both publicly traded, and small privately owned search firms, we have learned a thing or two about what works…and what does not work.

From both a candidate and client perspective, too often we hear about negative experiences working with search firms. Most common among these; lack of transparency, too much or too little communication, not being time efficient, and a feeling of the process being transaction driven as opposed to relationship driven. Highlighted below are ways in which we aim to reverse this negative stigma associated with search firms. For even more detail, please follow the links to our Client Resources and Candidate Resources Pages.

It’s All In The Name

  • Refined – with impurities or unwanted elements having been removed by processing.  More than just working out the kinks, refining something means you’re going to fine tune it, hone it to perfection, and make it more precise.
  • Refind Search is a play on words derived from “Refined Search” which is narrowing down specific details to obtain a pinpointed result. Clever? Slightly cheesy? Either way, we truly believe in our methods and look forward to connecting with you.

Our Framework: Transparency & Efficiency

  • From a client perspective, we will take the time and utilize our expertise to “Refine” the job search process for your open role. We strive to mitigate the risk of conducting too many unnecessary interviews or making the wrong hire (start with the big picture, ultimately sifting it down to 2-3 candidates that are in line with your hiring goals/criteria, and ensuring that those candidates are interested in the role and want the job).
  • From a candidate perspective, we will give you the opportunity to “Re-find” your career if you are not satisfied with your current work or the growth opportunities/career development it may or may not present. Most importantly, we will listen to you. We will take the time to actively find you an opportunity that you want, as opposed to rushing into a job just to make a fee.
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