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Experts in Accounting, Finance and Consulting Recruitment

We pride ourselves on being thorough and honest when assessing and comprehending both client's and candidate's needs. We invest the time needed to accurately understand what skills candidates have developed and what they have accomplished throughout their careers, and what exactly they are looking for in their next opportunity. The same time investment is made for clients and their hiring needs, specifically regarding what they are seeking in an ideal candidate.

Our Approach


This means that prior to sending candidate profiles to you, we will develop an understanding of your office culture and the soft skills a candidate would need to positively contribute and become a long-term fit in your organization. We aim to make the hiring process quick and painless, saving you not only time, but also the (often overlooked) sunk cost of having an empty seat on your team. 


This means getting to know you as more than a resume.  We strive to dig deeper than other recruiting firms, to learn more about what you are truly seeking in a career.  Too often, job seekers are looking for a quick fix for a long-term issue that has led to starting the job search in the first place.  We aim to provide career guidance that will result in renewed job satisfaction and career advancement.

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